Procrastination – a Recipe For Disaster

So, I sometimes really put the ‘pro’ in procrastination. Last week I twisted my ankle, and even though this limited my movements and should *theoretically* have made it easier to focus on work, self-pity, pain and laziness make a wonderful cocktail of procrastination.

Usually my procrastination takes the form of lazing about and watching a series while browsing such sites as 9gag, hugelol and (the ultimate ‘procrastination-station’) StumbleUpon. However, when I get the procrastination juices really flowing, I like to make some yummy things. Generally this involves the wonderful Ina Paarman’s cake mixes, but sometimes I try out actual recipes.

Today, despite my still multi-coloured and painful ankle, I had to try out Shakshuka – a Middle Eastern dish of eggs poached in tomatoes and chilli. I followed a recipe published in Women’s Health a couple of months ago (with a few personal tweaks).

I say ‘had to’ try out because today is perhaps the only day that this would be possible. You see, the thing about relationships is that you have to compromise, and once you live together some of the biggest compromises will be around food. My boyfriend hates tomato. I hate tuna. We hate and love these two things respectively with equal measure. Therefore, I have foregone the wonderful taste of tomato-ey dishes, and he has kindly given up tuna.

However! My boyfriend is currently at conference, and I have a full three days to get the smell of tomato and garlic out of the flat. Muhahaha. Honestly, this is my version  of “while the cat’s away the mice will play”, and makes for a nice distraction from missing him.

Et voila, the fruits of my labours:


I picked just about the most tomato-ridden dish I could find. I added a bit too much paprika and overcooked the eggs a bit, but the tomato/pepper/chilli mix was yum. Of course, the Women’s Health photo made it look much more appetizing, but this tastes better than it looks.

But time a-wasting. Ankles must be elevated, and work must be done. Alas.

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