The Best of Intentions

So, I haven’t been posting for quite a while. I had the best of intentions though. I was going to complete WordPress’s Writing 101 course in June, create wonderful pieces about my travels in The Netherlands over July and all the while keep up (and you updated) with my Master’s thesis.

But life happened, and hopefully I can give some insight into what that meant for me over the next few months.

In June I was gearing up for my surprise travels in July. Since my parents were going to celebrate their 30th Anniversary in the Netherlands with my sister, we decided to give them a big anniversary present: the whole family together on holiday. We hadn’t done this since my school years, and we knew that both parents really wanted this. To up the ante, we kept it a surprise. My parents thought I was staying in South Africa over winter. I made very sure they knew how much I would have liked to join them, to throw them off our tracks. For months we planned, maneuvered and laid red-herrings so that I could surprise them with my presence at the airport.

The surprise was wonderful. To all accounts, my parents never suspected a thing. There were tears and many hugs. Life was sweet.

Until it decided to do something of a 180. During this time I couldn’t get much writing done. I tried to go on with my Master’s thesis, since the ever-looming deadline for the first draft of my Chapter 1 was due at the end of my vacation. I just couldn’t. This is a rare thing for me. I don’t often ask for extensions and I feel like crap when I do. Thankfully, my supervisor was incredibly understanding.

A month later, things seem better and I’m getting back into the swing of life. Once again, I have the best of intentions. Over the next few months I hope to write some travel pieces about my time in Europe. I will also give something of an update on my thesis, which will include some information about what it actually is, how the proposal went and what I have to do next. Since we’re coming to the end of the year, I also want to share some gems from my tutlings.

To give you a bit of enticement, here’s a photo from my absence:

One of them famous Amsterdam canals




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