Blogging as a ‘Third Space’

I’m hoping this will be an impetus for me to start seriously using my blog to do good (for my thesis). All the reasons listed here formed part of why I wanted to start a blog about my ‘academic journey’ to begin with. The fact that that journey is at something of a standstill at the moment shouldn’t be too discouraging, right?

Research Degree Voodoo

A while ago I read this fantastic article (Hemer, 2012) about ‘Supervising PhD candidates over coffee

Using the concept of ‘third places’ and Misztal’s theorisation of informality, it is argued that … supervision over coffee is on neutral territory and on a more informal footing. … The paper concludes with discussion about finding a balance between formality and informality in supervision and the development of personal and institutional trust.

Basically, it argues that some conversations in doctoral supervision are better held in an informal, social place like a café than in the supervisor’s office. It underlines that the supervisor and candidate are relating as adult people, rather than institutional, hierarchical expert and pupil.

Blogging can be a way of achieving that ‘third space’.  I consider Inger Mewburn on the Thesis Whisperer blog, Daphane Ng on Unimelb Adventures, Lee Skallerup Bessette at College Ready Writing, and Rebecca Schumann at Pan…

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