Where can you get paid to do a PhD?

On the horizon…

The Thesis Whisperer

Alex Strike (@AlexxxStrike) is a graduate of New York University who will start his PhD in journalism next year. Alex works as a freelance blogger now, trying to improve his writing skills and become a more experienced writer after graduation. He has written for ProBlogger, Uloop and Lifehack. In this post Alex shares some of the research on finding a PhD scholarship in another country.

I’m thinking Norway looks pretty good…

Screen Shot 2014-10-21 at 3.56.25 pmI graduated from New York University in 2011 with a Master of Arts degree and spent some years on writing… Writing articles, blogs, essays, academic papers, short stories. I’ve even tried to finish my first big novel… But the more I wrote, the better I understood that my skills and knowledge were not enough to by a professional writer for authoritative magazines and newsletters.

The idea to get a PhD has come like a bolt from the…

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