27 Interesting Facts about Words

Words, words, words, words. Enough for a ‘Epizeuxis’? Interesting Literature Fun facts about words and the English language The stuff of literature is, of course, words. As Samuel Taylor Coleridge observed, ‘Prose = words in their best order; – poetry = the best words in the best order.’ In this post, we’ve gathered up 27…

The Gothic: Enlightenment’s Shadow

As much as I love digging through the history of the Gothic, 50 000 words quickly became a too tiny space in which to explore even the shallowest representation of its beginnings. Consequently, I’ve had to cut broad swathes of text from my thesis on Neo-Gothic fiction, and where better to use what literally elicited blood, sweat and tears than on my blog? I’m thus hoping (thesis-allowing) to post a couple of introductory excavations into the history and development of Gothic fiction as I explored it for my thesis. This second post gives some indication of the world into which the Gothic was ‘born’ or, more aptly, resurrected.

The Gothic: A Beast is Born

While the Gothic as an aesthetic and literary movement has dispersed itself into practically all areas of modern society, its roots and developments remain a murky and much-contested topic of discussion. Here I offer a brief introduction to the roots of the Gothic as it developed from the narrative of an ancient people to a polymorphous concept that was used to bolster various ideological agendas.

The Second Chapter: On the Up and Up

And so, another couple of months have passed without my posting, and I hang my head in shame. These almost two months were spent working furiously on my second chapter and checking books in and out at our university library as a student assistant. In April, tutoring Romantic Poetry will be added to this list…

The First Chapter: Done, Dusted and Casualties Noted

It’s been a strange couple of months since my last post. During this time, I’ve completed a draft of my first chapter, started preparing for my second chapter, received feedback and spent a week frantically responding to that feedback. All of this is why my blog has been languishing in lonesome repose. The year ended…

9 Fun Things About Reading Derrida

Jacques Derrida’s is a household name when you’re in the Humanities – a name generally mentioned with a sigh and the grating of teeth. I have come to the conclusion that I am, indeed, a masochist, for I have chosen to make Derrida my main source of theory. My thesis makes use of his Specters of…

Something Wild

Since I am currently trying to empty the freezer, I had to find a way to whip up some venison. I decided to make a pie in my ‘spare time’, and boy, did it come out good.

Amsterdam in Black and White: From the Water

One of the best ways to see Amsterdam is from its world-famous canals. While the city can be exquisitely quaint, something of its drama and potency can be glimpsed in black and white.

The Importance of Ritual

Every few days I get a call from my parents who inevitably want to know, ‘so what’s new with you’? I don’t often have much to say to that, except that, ‘Ah well, yeah, we’re just getting on with it, researching and stuffs’. Now that the year is basically over and I don’t have any…